Raw Honey 100% Pure Organic Unfiltered Grade A Delicious Pure Sugar Alternative For Tea and Baking Healing Whole Food For Beauty And Health Natural Skin Care For Acne And Dark Spots With Vitamin C

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DELICIOUS RAW HONEY Organic unfiltered and unpasteurized for ultimate freshness and purity. Smooth and tasty honey from the honeycomb contains vitamins minerals and antioxidants for health and beauty.
SOOTHING HONEY FOR TEA or baking is perfectly calming and soothing for mind and body. Healing whole food liquid for sweetness with nourishing micronutrients to boost immune system and increase energy.
HONEY FOR FACE is a natural moisturizing humectant which hydrated the face. Honey has anti-bacterial properties great acne treatment. Pure honey brightens and fights dark spots for radiant skin.

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